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Multi-million dollar purchase decisions require serious due diligence. What is the property worth? How does one understand the idiosyncratic elements of world class property ownership? What are the metrics that should be used for asset valuation? How can your property stand out so that buyers take notice? These and a multitude of other questions come to mind in what is sure to be a very important decision. As a data driven advisory and consulting service company, the principals of Vail Property Brokerage have spent more than two decades trying to understand the issues from a consumer demand and urban economic perspective. Reading analytics can be tedious but if you will take a careful look at the narrative and data, there is a wealth of information and insight buried within the pages of our web site. The intent here is to cast a wider net in our efforts to sell property for the most money possible, in the shortest period of time, with the least number of problems and hassles.

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